and life goes on

 despite this fucking weather
AA blazer over kling x hm leather jacket + CM jeans + nilsson boots 


restless mind

i'm all over the place today. i can't just sit down and do one thing/creamy tomato pasta/swedish/jobs/making coffee/photos/trying on all my clothes/aborigines & mining/baking banana bread/searching for inspiration/missing my girls/visas/chewing gum/head mess i think i need to go back to the yoga studio
MUST STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


at a standstill

sorry for lazy updates----my camera is out of commission, studying for exams blahblahblah. more pics coming soon!

ps. i'm so technologically inept that i haven't actually figured out how to add the 'follow me with blog lovin' or google friend connect button....if anyone can lend a hand for the technologically handicapped?



Moules marinière

my boyfriend's amazing Moules marinière -----i'm so goddam lucky to have a boyfriend who's gone to chef school. sometimes i'm still in disbelief about the amazing cuisine i eat on a daily basis.
also, tried bikram yoga for the first time today and all i can say is that it was effing intense. one of the most challenging things i've done in a while.



i've been sick as a dog the past two days. hot and cold flushes, cold & flu tablets, echinacea, vitamin c, hot lemon water+honey,  blankets, dripping nose, tissue graveyard, vicky christina barcelona, and a pile of undone assignments/exam studying.


lazy morning

 heart this jacket <3

shoes: margiela

pics: me, jak & jil
procrastinating from doing my psych critical reflection journal
eating sugared hearts
drinking green teas
just about to eat my boyfriend's lasagne for lunch <3




there was another snow storm yesterday morning - just when all the snow had melted and everyone thought spring was almost here.

pics from today

coat, whyred
cardigan, acne
scarf, wesc
jeans, cheap monday
boots, acne
bag, wang

went second-hand shopping, had mexican for lunch and now we're eating candy and watching movies.

colour pop

crappy bathroom shot from last night

t-shirt, acne
jeans, cheap monday
bag, wang
fur, lina's


yes please

nytt från acne, PSS11

aviator sue


photos: acne studios

this is me today. + loads of sweet milky tea out of a green flask + chicken noodle soup.