<3 these boots from monki.
i think i have an unhealthy obsession with ankle boots.


while i don't generally tend to gravitate towards so much colour, i am completely enamoured with this editorial.  love the photography and the quiet innocence. <3 dasha.


<3 this teddy bear jacket from mango



in love. and basically the only leather jacket i want! gahhhhh........


jättefint väder här i Stockholm idagälskar helgen. 

snart ska jag köpa en ny system kamera! då lär det bli många fler bilder!


really need: a dark blue denim shirt (pic: acne studios), more acrylic paints, and floral bedding.

last days of summer

pics: me
photo diary from the last couple of weeks.

1. my boyfriend's country cottage two hours drive from stockholm
2. ella + swedish//countryside sunset
3. ella in the woods
4. me and my love
5. some of the mushrooms we picked: mostly chantarelle's and porcini's
6. amazing caviar
7. my converse
8. one foggy night in sthlm


super ridiculously tired start to the day and it's even my day off! somewhat cured my ridiculous flatness by good lunch, coffee and cake :)) off for a run soon!