abbey lee for rush

Abbey Lee Kershaw, Matthew Hutchinson, Daniel Hallpike & Michael Noonan from "Our Mountain" for Russh magazine April May. 
Photography: Stevie Dance, Will Davidson. 


say hello to new wallet

it's about time i got a new wallet. i've had the same wallet for the past 5 years, and have endured it even with zippers fallen off and everything. this one's teeny tiny compared to my last one and its perfect - black soft leather, gold details. simple.



 right now i'm eating candy in bed. i'm recovering from the flu so i've spent the last couple of days horizontal. 


braids/earrings/raw crystals by unearthen/hair knots/lace dresses/washed leather/faux fur from topshop rare (on ebay)/jewellery from lindex's affordable luxury line/liu wen + proenza bag/sleeveless shirts.


erinbaby and other beautiful things

a little in love with the coat by isabel marant f/w 2011.

i'm so deadly tired and going to bed now like a grandma. god natt!



real love

brings out every single romantic bone in my body

hot fuzz

i'm all about fuzzy faux fur + black and white + bare makeup + bushy eyebrows + crop tops + lace shorts + light blue jeans + tacos in the sun + tea instead of coffee + beach house + new lykke li + new radiohead +  the spring art exhibition + bidding for cheap things online + + +


on my mind

wallet, acne
lace shorts, mercury duo. pic: fashiontoast
shorts, monki
jeans, cheap monday
wedges, acne 'ebony'

god, i'm pining after spring.