ph: me by ina nederdal

idag: vaknade tidigt. avokado tomater och jarslberg ost. pojkvän köpte mig rosa blommor. tränade på gymmet. satt i biblioteket. svenska köttbullar till lunch.sälja allt på Tradera. krispig fisk och modern familj. städade hela lägenheten



just me on the way back from fotografiska, taken by susan.


pics: various tumblrs
again i'm amazed by how much beauty there is.

most wanted

the two things that i want the most right now: a new black leather jacket because i sold my last one on tradera.com since the sleeves were way too long, & a second-hand dslr camera, nikon d40 is somewhat in my price range. definitely cannot afford either right now since i haven't been working all summer and i need to buy my ticket back to australia, but i am aching for a new camera. meanwhile i've been selling everything on tradera, so hopefully i can gather the funds for one.


summer in sweden in a nutshell

1. daisy chains with my beautiful best friend celine
2. lounging in parks with gabriella
3. beach time
4. ice cream
5. my clogs
6. saltsjöbaden
7. samba sushi, my fave sushi place on götgatan
8. trädgården
9. cigarettes and wine on strandvagen
10. flowers everywhere
11. trips to the archipelago and bastu.
12. dumplings and tea at beijing8
13. painting in the park
14. drunkenness with G.

all taken with my iphone.




me by ina nederdal. met up with this amazing photographer in sthlm a couple months ago. a trailer just happened to be set on fire outside my apartment a few days earlier so we just happened upon it. haha apparently i live in the hood. i absolutely love ina's aesthetic....mostly black and whites with a great kind of raw energy. and she's a  particularly lovely person too, only wish she would photograph more. check out her website and blog here