i år

ph: ina nederdal, edited by me

this year has gone so slowly and i have often felt quite ambivalent about what i am doing - moving to stockholm (for the second time) to be with my love. i am normally a person that likes to do a million things ie study hard, work hard, party hard etc. but this year has been completely different and i havent done either of the usual things. i think i initially felt this huge void, but have now realised that this year i have accomplished alot more things for myself than i would have otherwise had time for. i've gotten to know stockholm better, i've improved my swedish, i've started photographing, picked up my paint brushes and canvases, read a lot of amazing books, up-kept (albeit, half-heartedly) this little blog, got engaged to my beautiful swedish love, improved my cooking skills, started to run (i have always been ridiculously unfit cardio-wise). i know that i would not have done such enjoyable things if i had been consumed with an influx of uni work//part-time work and social commitments. that being said, i am ready to go back to my old life in aus, to the country i love and my amazing friends and family.

what are you proud of this year?

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  1. Very nice blog! Love the header!!

    xx Romina